Stan Mlynczak-Bochenski, MS
Registered Psychologist

“I graduated from the Medical Academy with my M.D. in 1971 and practiced internal medicine for many years. Later, I moved to Canada and completed my Masters in Psychiatry at the University of Alberta. I practiced Psychiatry, Respiratory Medicine and Sleep Disorders. I relocated to Alaska in 1998 and went on to complete a Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Alaska. There, I maintained a psychological practice and provided services to aboriginal populations where I spent time learning about aboriginal traditions and culture.

I have since remained in the field of mental health. Today, I continue my work in Alberta and have recently joined the team at a sacred journey. I have a particular interest in addictions, anxiety, depression, concurrent disorders, and trauma (including PTSD). I enjoy incorporating individual cultural diversities of people and their environments into my approach. I integrate concepts of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, support, group, family and couple therapies utilizing careful clinical assessment to determine the best method of treatment.  I am also a long-standing horseman and I have obtained formal training in horse-assisted therapy (EAP). I am pleased to incorporate the principals of EAP into my practice. It is my hope that with my guidance, I will be able to restore well-being and balance of life for my clients.”