Venus Feb 14 copy 

Pet Therapist

Hi! My name is ‘Venus’ and I love being a part of your therapy. I lay patiently at the top of the stairs and wait for you to arrive. I may sometimes let out a bark or two when you first come in… it lets Sylvia know that you are here, but I am very friendly. I like to come down the stairs to meet you. In all honesty, I am so happy to welcome you that sometimes I hardly let you up the stairs. In the end, it all works out as we say hello, and more often than not, I escort you from the waiting area into our private office. Here, I usually receive as much attention as you give me before I settle right down to the business of supporting you through the rest of your session.

I am happy you come to visit. As a poodle, I am known for being non-allergenic and I have been obedience-trained. I am well aware that some people do not like dogs, so if you don’t care to have me as a part of your therapy, Sylvia takes great care in understanding this and makes sure I am looked after during your sessions. Your needs come first!”