Who We Are

Our Values

Who we are:

Hi. My name is Sylvia Peske and I am the Director here at a sacred journey psychological services. The psychologists, office manager, and I understand that you are on a life journey that by sharing parts of it with us, creates a sacred time and space for discovering and honouring your own authentic experience.

What we value:

Authenticity… in ourselves and for our clients. We believe it is important to foster opportunities for learning more about who we are as individuals and for promoting greater life satisfaction in our vocations and life experience. When we embody our personal and professional values, we model and hold the space for our clients to do the same.

Inspiration… in the work we do and for our clients. We believe that an inspired life is a meaningful one. As a clinic, we are particularly inspired to help empower clients and the community through embracing their challenges while supporting authentic and diverse needs.

Balance… of support and challenge for ourselves and clients. We grow optimally in environments of both support and challenge. When we feel supported, we are ready and able to face our challenges. When we are challenged, we discover opportunities for growth, inspiration, meaning, and reward. We take all efforts to promote balance both professionally and personally in whatever ways balance is individually defined by ourselves and our clients.

Communication… open, honest, and sometimes difficult communication to each other and/or our clients is the foundation for promoting and maintaining all sets of values for all parties involved.